Frequently Asked Questions

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Today I became a caregiver.  Where do I begin?

I am out of the province and want to help my aging parents (or sibling with a disability) - where do I begin?

My husband was diagnosed with cancer.  How can we get all the information we need to get us through this?

Being a caregiver is costing me money.  I don't have the money to do this.  What do I do?

I am the sole caregiver and promised myself I would take a holiday this year.  Is there a program where my family member or friend can be cared for while I am away?

My father needs support in his home.  Who do I phone?  What will it cost?

I look after my adult brother who has a disability.  I am getting up there in years and want to know what will happen when I can no longer look after him.  Who will look out for his best interests?

My Grandmother likes to go on long walks on the trails by her home, sometimes with friends and other times, alone. We think it is risky and dangerous, but she won't listen.   What can we do?