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Newsletters - Caring Solutions:

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Publications on Caregiving:

2014 - Ireland, a Literature Review on the relationship between Family Carers and Home Care Support Workers. “This piece of work is a major contribution to Family Carer research and in particular an aspect often overlooked – that is the triadic and often interdependent relationship between a paid home care worker, a client in need of support and the wider family. We look forward to building on this work into the future”.   The report is available to download from the Care Alliance website

2013 - Canada, A Caring Society.  Action Table on Family Caregivers

2013 - National Guidelines for a Comprehensive Service System to Support Family Caregivers of Adults with Mental Health Problems and Illnesses, Mental Health Commission of Canada

2013 - Family Caregiving, What are the Consequences, Insights on Canadian Society from Statistics Canada

2013 - National Guidelines for a comprehensive Service System to Support Family Caregivers of Adults with Mental Health Problems and Illnesses, by Penny MacCourt, MSW, PhD and the Family Caregivers Advisory Committee,  Mental Health Commission of Canada

2012 - Seniors in Need, Caregivers in Distress:  What are the home care priorities for seniors in Canada?   Health Council of Canada

2012 - A snapshot of home care for seniors in Canada and the impact on their Caregivers.  Health Council of Canada

2012 – Statistics Canada, Portraits of Caregivers, Spotlight on Canadians: Results from the General Social Survey, by Maire Sinha

2010 - Statistics Canada, Caring for a Parent who lives Far Away:  The Consequences, by Mieeille Vezina and Martin Turcotte, January 2010

2008 - The Cost of Caring, Implications for family caregivers.  Multiple Scherosis Society of Canada

For Employers and Employees - Supporting Family Caregivers in the Workplace:

Toolkit for Employers: Resources for Supporting Family Caregivers in the Workplace, 2013, Family Caregivers' Network Society, B.C.

Caregiving and Work, The Vanier Institute of the Family

Family Caregivers in the Workplace (one of many archived and ongoing webinars), Workplace Mental Health Promotion, Mental Health Commission of Canada

Media Articles related to Caregiving:

Globe and Mail - Let's use our Bodies to Protect our Minds. Sandra Black, Site Director Heart and Stroke Foundation, October 8, 2014 

Global News - Live Blog Q & A, Living with Dementia.  Information for CAREgivers.  Mary Schulz, Education Director at the Alzheimer Society of Canada. 

Globe and Mail - Home Care's where the Heart Is.  A new study by Stats Canada offers insights, September 2014

CBC Radio - Canadians Share their stories about life with Dememtia, Anna Maria Tremonti, May 2014

CBC Radio - Gay and Grey Series 2014 and other media coverage exploring aging in the LGBTQ community

The Telegram - Letter to the Editor about the services of the Royal Canadian Legion.  With a Command Office and 48 officers across Newfoundland and Labrador, the Legion assists 4,000 veterans, including serving CAF and RCMP members and their families.  The branches are the "boots on the ground" connecting veterans and their families with available funds and programs.  

NTV - Dealing with Dementia:  Part 1, 2 and 3 with Lynn Burry, November 18, 2013

CBC - The Nature of Things, David Suzuki, Untangling Alzheimers, Nov 13, 2013

CNN News - Supporting Teens - Back to School:  When Mom or Dad has Cancer

CBC News - Canadian Medical Association puts end-of-life care on the agenda.  Recommends everyone 18 and older have a dying directive — what used to be known as a living will — to let their loved ones know their dying wishes.

CBC Cross Talk with Ramona Dearing - Should we be afraid of death?  Guests are Dr. Susan MacDonald and Nurse Practitioner Carmel Collins of Eastern Health, whose job it is to ease others through the end of life as painlessly as possible and with dignity.

CBC News - Canadian Medical Association's annual poll says that home and community care should be a priority in seniors' health care, given the "real" and "well-founded" anxiety Canadians have facing their golden years.

CBC Radio - David Gutnick's Documentary on Senior Housing - A cooperative of women decide to CARE for each other.

CBC News - David Newell talks to Corrine Shea, Central Health, Regional Manager of Palliative Care and End of Life Care.

CBC News - CrossTalk with Ramona Dearing - Are aging parents of children with disabilities in NL getting the help they need?

CBC News - Homecare for seniors falls largely on friends and family

CBC Radio - Ideas with Paul Kennedy on Caregiving

CBC Radio - White Coat Black Art with Dr. Brian Goldberg on Home Care 

CBC News - Almost 20% of home caregivers distressed

Author, Lindsay Green - The perfect home for a long life:  Choosing the right retirement lifestyle for You

NY Times - Patient Voices

Avoiding Caregiver Burnout - Dr. Oz


Magazine(s) related to Caregiving:

Caregiver Solutions

The Family Caregiver Newsmagazine


How To Reduce Stress and Increase Wellness:

Build your own Stress Relief Toolkit, by Heart and Stroke Foundation

Newfoundland & Labrador has 4 health regions with 6 wellness coalitions supporting local wellness initiatives.

Take Care Tips from Caregivers Out of Isolation NL


How To:

Get Home Safely:  A Hospital Discharge Guide for Older Adults and their Families, by Canadian Geriatrics

Be Safe during a Power Outage - CBC News - Tips from the Federal Government, January 2014

Reduce or Quit Smoking - It is never too Late!  Helpful Tips from a resource from the Seniors Resource Centre NL

Start a Support Group in your workplace or community for older adults who want to reduce or quit smoking.  A resource from the Seniors Resource Centre NL